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Keeping Water Out Of Your Basement And Protecting The Foundation

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Water inside your basement or eroding the foundation walls of your home can be a significant concern. Exterior waterproofing is an excellent way to combat the effects of water in the house and protect the concrete foundation walls, but on older homes, it can be a lot of work. Leaks and Cracks Cracks in the foundation walls of your house can let water run into the basement, but many times the cracks are a result of water infiltration from the soil around the foundation. Read More»

Are You Designing A Shower Niche For Your Master Bathroom?

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Are you designing a master bathroom for a brand new house? Maybe you have decided to remodel your existing bathroom because it is outdated and it just isn’t working for you. Are you wanting a shower niche as part of your master bathroom’s design? If you already have a fixed plan in mind, you don’t need to keep reading. Maybe you are looking for ideas to make the shower niche attractive and practical. Read More»

Avoid Ending Up With A Dated Bathroom When Choosing Remodeling Projects

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Bathroom remodeling can help a lot with making sure that your home feels newer and will help prevent you from being disappointed with the space feeling dated. Regardless of how much money you have available to spend on the project, you’ll want to look into which remodeling projects will help spruce up the bathroom and won’t leave you frustrated with how it looks after just a few years pass by. Read More»