Window Tinting--Tint More Than Just Your Car Windows

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Insight To Help You Keep Your Home Cooler During The Summer Months

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Summer has always historically been a warmer time of the year, but this summer has brought with it more extreme heat in many parts of the the United States and surrounding areas. Keeping your home cooler is important for creating a comfortable space for you and your family to stay protected from the extreme heat, but you don’t want to have to run your air conditioner continually to keep it cool enough. Read More»

Achieving Beautiful Draperies In Your Home: 5 Steps

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Adding window treatments in your home can take some careful planning and measuring. It’s important to take into consideration the room you are decorating as well as the look and feel that you are trying to achieve. You can get the beautiful drapery look you want in your home by following the tips below. 1. Decide On Your Style First, you need to figure out what style you want in your room. Read More»

4 Telling Signs You Need New Insulation

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You likely do not think much about your home’s insulation because it is hidden from your view. If you have been in your home for some time, however, it may be time for new insulation. This will ensure your home stays warm or cool to keep you comfortable. Below are four signs that it needs to be replaced. Problems with HVAC System If you notice your HVAC system is running much more than it normally does to keep your home at the right temperature, it cannot do this for long. Read More»

Can You DIY A Fireplace? Two Ways To Do It

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You can make your own fireplace, but you should make sure that the fireplace does not interfere with load-bearing walls first. Since an exposed chimney has to be cut out of the wall or vented through the corner of your house, you want to be sure that you will not accidentally set the house on fire or reduce a wall’s ability to support the upper story and roof of the house. Read More»

5 Benefits Of External Storm Windows

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External storm windows hang on the outside of a window, and homeowners choose to install them for a variety of reasons. Investing in storm windows can be a good idea in a number of ways. If you are thinking about purchasing external storm windows for your home, some of their main benefits include: Protection One of the more obvious reasons to get storm windows is in order to protect your regular windows from damage. Read More»