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3 Reasons To Utilize Plastic Pipes For Your Industrial Plumbing

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Whether you are looking to install new plumbing in your industrial setting, or you are upgrading your plumbing and want to make the right decisions, it’s smart to consider using plastic pipes rather than those that are made out of copper or other metals. These are a few reasons why you should talk to your industrial plumber about the option for plastic pipes. 1. Plastic Pipes Don’t Conduct Heat Well Read More»

Tracking Down Moisture Behind Drywall Like A Pro: A Homeowner's Guide

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It is a common misconception that mold, mildew, and moisture in the house where it should not be in general should be fairly easy to spot. However, when it comes to drywall, that is truly not the case. The super-absorbent consistency of drywall means that you could have moisture raining down between your walls for months without knowing a thing. If you have sneaky suspicions that there is water hiding out behind your walls, it is best to find out of your inklings are true as quickly as possible. Read More»

Repairing Your Stationary Boat Dock: What To Expect When You Hire A Marine Construction Contractor

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There are two kinds of boat docks: stationary, which has posts firmly planted in the bed of the river or lake, and floating, which is only tied to shore and just bobs along with the waves. When you have a stationary dock, it needs frequent maintenance because the battering of the waves tends to wear down and warp out wood sections. When parts of your stationary dock get really bad, then you need to hire a marine construction contractor for repairs. Read More»

4 Steps You Should Take After A Hurricane Damages Your Home

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Hurricanes can be scary events that can result in damage to your property. Following a hurricane, it is important that you take certain steps to protect and restore your property. Here are some tips you can use.   Evaluate Your Home Before you can start cleaning up your home and yard, you need to walk the property and do a safety check. There are many potential hazards that can develop after a hurricane and you and your family need to avoid those. Read More»

How To Replace Wooden Garage Panels

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The design of most wooden overhead garage doors is very simple. The door is constructed out of lightweight aluminum. Each aluminum section of the frame is manufactured to fit the wood panels. Basically, the panel pops easily in and out of the aluminum frame. Of course, each panel is individually secured to its frame with bolts. This means that you can change the style of your garage door easier than you might expect. Read More»

How Often Should You Clean Your Septic Tank?

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Septic tanks require a certain amount of upkeep that sewers do not because septic tanks need to be cleaned periodically. Knowing how often to clean your septic tank and how to reduce the burden on your tank so it needs to be cleaned less often can help you maintain your property and reduce your septic tank maintenance costs. These frequently asked questions and answers will help. How often should you clean your septic tank? Read More»

3 Strategies For An Efficient, Long Lasting Window AC

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The comfort that an air conditioner can bring to a room on a hot summer’s day is worth just about any price–any price, that is, except maybe the cost of a new air conditioner. Thus it is wise to keep your current air conditioner running as well–and for as long–as it possibly can. If you would like to learn more about maintaining a window AC, read on. This article will introduce three tips for getting the most from your investment. Read More»

Why Getting The Most High-End Fixtures You Can Afford Is Critical For A Bathroom Remodel

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A beautiful bathroom remodel, with the help of a company like Towers-Murray Plumbing Co Inc, on a budget is definitely a possibility, but there are some areas where you don’t want to scrimp. Knowing where to spend the money and where to cut back can help you create the gorgeous bathroom you’ve always wanted without digging too deeply into your wallet. High-end bathroom fixtures are one of the places where you want to go with the best you can possibly afford. Read More»

Before Storing Your Tractor, Follow These Maintenance Tips

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Before you put your tractor into storage, you will want to make sure that your tractor is serviced so that it is in good working order when it comes time for you to start it up again. The best time to service your tractor is when you will place it in storage for longer than 60 days. You will also want to consider not storing your tractor outside. If you follow these maintenance tips, your tractor will last longer and will be ready to be put back to work. Read More»