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Boiler Problems You May Need To Have Repaired

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A boiler that is suffering from performance problems or malfunctions will be of little use in terms of keeping your home or business warm when the temperature gets extremely cold. While boilers are a fairly old type of heating system, they are still fairly complicated, which can lead to them being vulnerable to a range of performance problems and malfunctions.

Whistling Sounds

A boiler that is creating whistling sounds when it is running can be an alarming issue to encounter. While this problem may not cause the boiler to suffer an immediate failure, this could indicate that the unit is vulnerable to suffering serious issues in the future. Often, this sound is the result of deposits on the heating elements of the boiler. These deposits can cause water to get trapped against the heating element, which may contribute to it creating this noise when it boils and the boiling water rapidly moves out of the small space between the deposits and the heating elements. Failing to have this problem repaired in a timely manner can increase the risk of the heating element suffering major damage and needing to be replaced.

Dropping Pressure

The pressure inside the boiler will be one of the factors that you will need to monitor. If the pressure gets too high, it can pose a sizable risk due to the chance of the boiler rupturing. However, a sudden drop in the pressure of the system can also indicate a problem. This issue will cause the boiler to immediately struggle to produce enough heat for the building. Furthermore, it may indicate that the boiler is suffering from a leak, and this could contribute to major water damage if it is not repaired. Checking the pressure of the boiler each day during the winter can help you to identify pressure problems when they are starting to develop with your system. To learn more, contact a boiler repair contractor.

Clogged Tubing

Years of water flowing through the boiler can lead to large accumulations of soil and minerals. These accumulations can restrict the flow of water and steam through the system in a way that can lead to the heat failing to spread through the building, as well as potentially contributing to a dangerous pressure build-up in the system. A professional will be able to repair this problem by thoroughly cleaning the interior of the boiler and treating it with a mineral dissolving solution. These steps can restore the functionality of the boiler so that you can efficiently warm your building.