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Are You Designing A Shower Niche For Your Master Bathroom?

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Are you designing a master bathroom for a brand new house? Maybe you have decided to remodel your existing bathroom because it is outdated and it just isn't working for you. Are you wanting a shower niche as part of your master bathroom's design? If you already have a fixed plan in mind, you don't need to keep reading. Maybe you are looking for ideas to make the shower niche attractive and practical. If so, keep reading for some ideas that might help you.

Design A Shower Niche For Your Master Bathroom - Is there enough space in your master bathroom to include a large shower niche? If so, consider having a two-person shower with state-of-the-art showerheads that have different settings. The settings could go from a slow, steady stream to a more powerful, pulsating action. Besides the main showerheads, consider having a hand-held shower device that you can use when you don't want to get your hair wet. The hand-held shower device will also come in very handy if you decide to bathe children or dogs in your shower.

Of course, besides being practical, you want your shower niche to be attractive. Think of selecting tile for the shower niche walls.

  • For a bold and dramatic look, go with jewel tones for the color of the tile. Turquoise would be one example of a jewel tone.
  • If you want to establish a quiet, serene look, select neutral colors like off-white or light caramel. Soft colors like pastel blue or pale yellow will also work well.
  • Or, go with a mosaic mural for one of the shower niche walls. For instance, a mural of flowers or birds would be stunning.

Include Recessed Shelves As Part Of The Design - Think of what you want to have on hand as you shower, and design the recessed shelves accordingly.

  • Razors and shaving cream might go on one of the shelves.
  • The second shelf would serve as a place to keep things like soap, shampoo, and conditioner.
  • Another shelf might hold a bath brush and loofahs. 

If your shower niche is large enough, consider adding a long tile bench. That will be perfect for times when you or your spouse wants to shave her legs. If the shower niche is a smaller one, then just design it with a smaller bench. 

When you are working on the design for the recessed shelves, consider selecting a different color of tile that will add interest to the shower niche.