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Beauty Is In The Custom Details: What Will You Add To Your Custom Home Design?

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When you roll past a really cute or a really pretty house, what grabs your attention? What is it that you find so appealing about a house while at the curb? Quite often the answer is in the details  that the owner has added to the home's exterior that makes it really attractive. If you are hiring a custom home builder, make sure they includes some of the details you most want to see on the outside of your home. Consider some of the following details to make your custom home really attractive. 


This is all of the hand-cut lacy woodwork that hangs down from the eaves. It is a signature piece from most German and Nordic homes as well as Victorian homes, depending on the style of latticework you choose. It can make your home look very old-fashioned, look like a gingerbread house, or look as though it was brought out of a Viking village and dropped on your property. Because the latticework is typically attached to the eaves, it is part of the roofing and needs to be incorporated into the plan ahead of time. 

Shutters on Every Window

Windows without shutters tend to look a little plain. Windows with shutters, even though they might not be fully functional shutters, add a much more interesting look to the home. When you choose to paint the shutters in a color that contrasts and compliments the siding of the home, it is a very nice touch indeed. You can even request custom-designed and custom-made shutters for a really unique addition to your windows. 


A single gabled roof, or flat- or sloped roof is pretty vanilla. However, when you add multiple gables to give the roof lots of peaks, the house takes on a whole new personality. Each gable can be left as-is, or each gable can top a window in the second or third story of your home. As you work with the custom home builder on a home design, decide if you want a roof with a lot of interesting features, or a roof that is less interesting but with a house itself that is more interesting. 

A Greenhouse or Conservatory

When you build a home and want to keep a conservatory or greenhouse very close to your home, you can add it to the side or back of your house. This allows you to grow plants and flowers indoors all year long. It also makes for an interesting place to sit and enjoy breakfast or just take a quiet reverie.