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Basement Waterproofing Options, From Most To Least Expensive

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Tired of a wet basement? Most people generally have had enough of a wet basement when a lot of things that they store down there end up funky and overly soft or moldy. There are a number of basement waterproofing services, too. Depending on just how far you want to take this project, here are your waterproofing options from most expensive to least expensive. 

Totally New Basement

To do this, your entire house is lifted up off the basement foundation, and even the plumbing and electrical are disconnected. You will spend several months living somewhere else while this project is in progress. The old basement is removed, chunk by chunk, to expose the soil underground. When nothing but dirt appears, the contractor sets up wall molds that help construct vertical concrete slabs in the least time possible. The slab floor of the basement is poured at the same time and smoothed over before the walls are poured so that the walls and floors connect along the seams properly. Once everything is perfectly cured and hardened, the house is lowered back onto the new basement foundation and all of the plumbing and electrical are reconnected. It is the most expensive way to go, but if you want a very dry basement that is also a foot or two taller in the end (which can be done!), then this is the way to do it. 

Sealed from Outside the Basement Walls

To waterproof your basement this way, the ground around your basement is excavated all the way around. You end up with a giant trench around the house, which means that you cannot live in the house for about half the time this project is underway because there is no safe way to exit the house in the event of a fire. The good news is that the walls of the basement can be sealed in two ways. Either they are wrapped with a very special insulating material that seals out water from the soil, or a fresh, even coat of concrete is applied to the exterior walls of the foundation such that nothing can get through even the tiniest cracks. Then the trench is filled with dirt again. It costs less than a total basement removal and redo, but more than waterproofing from inside the basement. 

Sealed from Inside the Basement Walls

If your basement is not too wet, but rather just overly humid, the contractor can clean the walls, find the cracks, and seal just the cracks. This is the least expensive option because he/she is only addressing that which makes the basement slightly wet and humid and nothing else. You do not have to leave the house during this project. You can try this option first and see if it works well enough for you. 

Reach out to basement waterproofing services near you to learn more.