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A Look At The Pros & Cons Of Walnut Countertops

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Natural with a traditional flair, wooden countertops have been making a comeback in modern kitchens, and it is easy to see why. With a multitude of hardwood materials to choose from and an awesome ability to withstand years of use, these countertops offer something that a lot of more modern materials just can't.

One of the most popular types of wooden countertops these days is walnut wood. Walnut is dense and heavy with a rich hue and beautiful wood grain. While walnut wood countertops truly do have a lot to offer, there are pros and cons of wooden countertops to consider before choosing this implement for your home. 

Pro: Wood fits in with just about every design. 

It doesn't matter if you have a modern contemporary kitchen or a more rustic kitchen design, wooden countertops can fit in flawlessly. The rich and warm appearance can breathe a little life into an industrial space, tie together a farmhouse design, and even highlight an eclectic space. If you go with wooden countertops, they will likely fit in no matter what design theme you transition to down the road. 

Con: Wood can require a little more care and maintenance. 

Wood is beautiful, but it is also porous and must be properly finished to remain its resiliency in the kitchen. Therefore, it is common to have to refinish wooden countertops on occasion to keep them aptly protected. Likewise, you will have to be careful with things like hot pans and sharp knives to avoid scarring the wood. 

Pro: Hardwood countertops are incredibly long-lasting. 

With the proper maintenance and regular refinishing, you are going to get a lot of years of use from your wooden countertops. One of the beautiful things about wood is that if the surface does get damaged in some way, wood can be sanded down and redone pretty easily. Something like granite or Formica simply does not offer the same capabilities after damage has been done to the surface. 

Con: Some wooden countertops can be a bit expensive. 

Wooden countertops can be a little on the more expensive side than something like laminated countertops or some other synthetic material, especially if you opt for something unique like walnut or red oak wood. However, prices are comparable to something like granite or natural stone countertops, and the price is well worth the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the wooden materials for most homeowners. 

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