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Tips For Upgrading Your Home With A New Fireplace

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There are few upgrades that you can make to your home that will have a bigger impact on your comfort than adding a fireplace to it. When a homeowner is faced with the need to oversee this project, there is some information that can be useful as the early preparations and planning are done.

Decide Whether To Opt For Wood Burning Or Gas Fireplace

An early decision that will need to be made is whether to opt for a wood or gas burning unit. Individuals often assume that wood burning fireplaces will be the easiest and most efficient type. However, wood-burning fireplaces can actually be among the less efficient and most difficult to maintain. This is due to the sizable amounts of ash that will be produced by the burning wood. Also, wood can be difficult to store and fairly expensive to purchase. In contrast, gas fireplaces avoid both of these problems.

Consider Safety Features To Protect Children And Pets

If you have small children or pets, you will need to be sure to prevent them from being burned by the fireplace. The outer glass and metal components can become extremely hot, which can lead to intense burns if they are touched. To prevent these risks, you can install a variety of safety devices that will prevent pets and children from getting too close. One of the more popular and effective will be a simple railing. These railings are designed to be aesthetically pleasing while also allowing the fireplace's heat to travel through the room.

Be Prepared To Keep It Clean And Maintained

When you add a fireplace to your home, you will need to be prepared to keep it properly maintained. This is important for both the performance and safety issues. A fireplace that is not properly maintained can be at a much higher risk of cause fire damage to the home. Also, hazardous fumes can be more prone to accumulate in the home. You can obtain a maintenance checklist for your new fireplace that will make it easy to always know what work it is needing to properly function. Many fireplace installation providers can also provide maintenance services for their clients.

Review Your Insurance Before Starting This Upgrade

Prior to upgrading your home with a fireplace, your homeowner's insurance should be thoroughly reviewed. These policies will often contain sections and rules governing major changes or additions to the house. You will need to make sure that you comply with all of these regulations to ensure that your policy continues to provide protection. Often, this will involve things such as obtaining the correct permits and using a bonded contractor.

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