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Make An Easy-To-Clean Kitchen By Focusing On Workspace Upgrades

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When you cook in your kitchen, you may look forward to the idea of not having to clean up much once you finish making food. But, your kitchen may not have the right features to provide quick and easy cleaning. Although you can change features such as the flooring and backsplash to help with cleanliness, you should focus on workspace upgrades when hiring kitchen remodelers.


One of the most important parts to change is the countertop. A kitchen remodeling company can show you many options that can range from laminate and butcher blocker to marble and quartz. In many cases, the most durable countertop materials are also the easiest to clean.

Aside from the material, the color of the countertop will also play a role in cleanliness. While it may not have an impact on how easy the surface is to clean, you can prioritize certain colors that make small crumbs blend in so you do not feel the need to clean the countertop so often.

When you need a clean surface to work on, you should not hesitate to wipe everything down. But, in between meals, you will still see an attractive kitchen without immediate cleaning.


Another feature worth changing is the cooktop surface. If you have a gas stove, you may notice that it takes a long time to clean the pan supports and all the grooves in between. But, you can enjoy an easy-to-clean surface when you make the switch to electric with a smooth cooktop.

While you will not be able to use cast iron pots or pans due to the risk of scratching, you can easily wipe down spills that happen while cooking and keep them from hardening.


In the kitchen, you will spend a lot of time using the countertop and cooktop surface, but you should not forget about the sink when it comes to consistent usage. Installing a stainless steel sink is a great start for when you want to minimize your cleaning responsivities in the kitchen.

To take it a step further, you may want to go with a single bowl over two or three bowls because this feature will give you a large surface area to clean without a lot of corners. You can even get an undermount sink over a top-mount sink to avoid a lip that would build up with grime.

Hiring remodelers to work on these projects will turn your kitchen in an easy-to-clean space. Contact a kitchen renovation contractor to discuss your options.