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2 Reasons Why Your Windshield Is Scratched

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Is there damage to your windshield that makes it look scratched or scuffed? If so, it may be due to your own actions that you do not realize cause damage to the glass. Here are two reasons that you could be damaging your windshield:

Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are designed to glide very smoothly over the surface of your windshield, but it won't work like this if there is a problem with them. Old windshield wipers can cause damage to the glass. This is because the surface is supposed to be a soft rubber, but it can become hard and have notches in it. Also, turning on your windshield wipers with a bad rubber edge when the windshield isn't wet can cause small scratches to form.

You should replace your old wiper blades when there are scratches on your windshield just so that more damage is not caused. It's a relatively cheap part and the risk of causing more damage if high if that is indeed the cause.

That said, even new wiper blades in good condition can cause damage to your windshield. This can happen when debris gets trapped underneath the blades, such as dirt that was kicked up from driving on a dirt road or a tiny pebble. If you know your windshield just got covered in debris, be sure to check the blades for debris to ensure they're clean.

Your Method For Removing Ice

You need to get chunks of ice off your windshield during the winter, but the method for doing it could be causing damage to the glass. Start by looking at the scraper that you are using. It is supposed to provide protection for the windshield, but it can be the cause of the damage.

One potential problem is that the plastic slightly melted while in your hot car during the summer, causing the edge of the tool to be sharp and have an outward bend to it. If this has happened to your scraper, throw it out and get a new one.

You should never use hot water to remove ice on your windshield. It may be effective, but it will cause cracks in the glass. The larger the temperature difference between the water and the glass will give it a higher chance of cracking the glass.

If you find yourself in need of windshield repair, take it to your local auto glass specialist like those at Central Glass Company