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Is It Time For New Residential Windows? How You Can Tell

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Replacing the windows of your home is an important thing to do as soon as it is needed to be done. The longer you wait, the more problems you might encounter as the old windows deteriorate. To help you know when it is time to call a contractor for replacement windows, you will want to read through the following helpful points.

The Windows No Longer Stay Open Or Shut Without Assistance

You should be able to close your windows, lock them, and trust that they are going to stay shut until you unlock them. There is a problem if the lock easily wiggles loose or if the window simply cannot go all of the way down into the closed position, no matter how hard you try. Your windows should also be able to be opened and then stay opened without you having to worry about them suddenly slamming shut on their own. Therefore, if you are pounding nails through the window frame in order to get it to stay in place, or you are propping the window open with a book or a chunk of wood, you need to call a contractor for replacement windows.

You Have To Cover Your Windows With Sheets Of Plastic Every Winter

If you live in a region that gets very cold during the winter and you find that you have to cover your windows with plastic in order to keep the house warm, you need new windows. Windows that get covered in plastic during the winter are prone to let cold air from the outside in, and warm air from the inside out. This means that your home is not going to be as comfortable as it should be. You may also find that your windows are costing you a lot more money on your utility bills. Simply replacing them with new energy efficient windows should take care of those problems.

Your Current Windows Require A Lot Of Maintenance

A lot of the older windows have wood surrounding all of the glass. This means that there will be maintenance to be done, such as scraping old paint, sanding the wood, and repainting them. Depending on the condition of your old windows and the type of weather your region experiences, this might be a time consuming process that you have to do every single year. When you replace those old windows with new vinyl windows, this will no longer be a problem. The vinyl easily wipes down, does not need to be scraped or painted, and they will look great for many years.

When you are ready to have replacement windows installed, you will want to call around to find the best contractor for the job.

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