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Achieving Beautiful Draperies In Your Home: 5 Steps

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Adding window treatments in your home can take some careful planning and measuring. It's important to take into consideration the room you are decorating as well as the look and feel that you are trying to achieve. You can get the beautiful drapery look you want in your home by following the tips below.

1. Decide On Your Style

First, you need to figure out what style you want in your room. If you're decorating a bathroom or kitchen, you may want to stick with short, lightweight curtains. For bedrooms, long or short will work, but you may want room darkening drapes to help keep sunlight out. In dining rooms, longer curtains can add a more dramatic or romantic feel. Living rooms can also have longer curtains, which can make the room feel cozy, or luxurious depending on the fabric you choose. 

2. Choose A Top Style

Curtain tops come in all types of styles - rod pocket, tied, grommet, tab top, etc. There are a number of styles to choose from. The style you choose depends on your own personal style and how you want your curtains to fold or pleat, how often you will be opening or closing your curtains (as some top styles are easier to close than others), and how much of your curtain rod you want to see.

3. Choose Your Rod

Choose a rod style to go with your curtain style. For a more traditional look, a square or round finial is a good choice. For styles such as industrial or farmhouse chic, look for a black or oil-rubbed bronze rod, or you can make a rod yourself using galvanized pipe (or galvanized pipe painted black). Plain rods without finials are a great look too. Check with your local drapery supplier for different curtain rod styles.

4. Measure The Length

Before purchasing new curtains, be sure to take proper measurements first. You want your curtains hung as high as possible (at least 4 - 6 inches above the window casing), so you will need to consider the additional length. For some space between the floor and the bottom of the curtains, subtract 1 1/2 inches. For pooling, which is a more dramatic look, add 2 - 4 inches. For short curtains, measure from the bottom of the curtain rod to the bottom of the window casing.

5. Measure The Width 

The curtains should also be hung wide (at least 6 inches outside of the window casing), so a longer curtain rod may be necessary, as well as wide-width curtains (or additional panels), especially if you want fuller curtains and added pleats.

You can get beautiful drapes at home. Keep your own style in mind, as well as the room you are decorating, then take the proper measurements. Talk to your drapery dealer or Park City Blind & Design about other helpful tips to achieve the look you want.