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5 Benefits Of External Storm Windows

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External storm windows hang on the outside of a window, and homeowners choose to install them for a variety of reasons. Investing in storm windows can be a good idea in a number of ways. If you are thinking about purchasing external storm windows for your home, some of their main benefits include:


One of the more obvious reasons to get storm windows is in order to protect your regular windows from damage. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or very strong thunderstorms that are accompanied by high winds, new storm windows can protect your windows from breaking. External storm windows can also help protect from other type of window, such as when a baseball hits a window.

Extra Insulation

In addition to protection from damage, storm windows are also great at providing extra insulation. When an external storm window is hung, it will create a pocket of air that helps prevent exterior air from leaking into the home. Storm windows can be especially beneficial in homes that have single pane windows or windows with low energy efficiency. Installing storm windows can help reduce your heating and cooling bills throughout the year for many years to come.

Less Expensive than Replacement Windows

Replacing old windows is typically a good investment, but quality replacement windows can be quite expensive, especially if a house has a lot of windows that need to be replaced. Storm windows are usually substantially less expensive than replacement windows, so they are a great option when you want to extend the life of your current windows until you have the extra funds for a window upgrade throughout the house. External storm windows can reduce the wear and tear on your windows by protecting them from the elements and preventing condensation from building up between panes. 

Reduced Homeowners Insurance Costs

When you have external storm windows on your house, the risk of damage due to flying debris crashing through a window is reduced, which can result in lower homeowners insurance premiums. If you choose to have external storm windows installed, make sure you contact your homeowners insurance company to let them know of the improvement and to see if you qualify for a discount on your rates.

Increased Home Value

Making an improvement on your home, such as installing storm windows, can instantly increase your home value. When you plan to sell your home, potential buyers are likely to pay more because your home will be more energy efficient and the windows will be protected from damage. 

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