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Choosing The Right Upgrades For Your Bathroom Remodel

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You've set your budget for a bathroom remodel. It's certain you've thought of the big issues you want to tackle, such as opening up the floor plan or adding storage. However, your budget may include enough for an upgrade or two. How do you know which upgrades are worth the splurge? Choose upgrades that best complement your lifestyle and your décor.

Walk-In Shower

The common configuration for most bathrooms has been a bathtub and shower combination. However, many homeowners are separating the two in the master bathroom. This gives you several advantages. For one, you can choose a rimless shower enclosure that conforms to universal design, thus making entrance to the shower easy for everyone. Secondly, such enclosures are typically made of glass. Glass doesn't obscure sightlines and even reflects light back into the room, giving it an airy ambience. A walk-in shower also allows you to expand the shower space for two bathers and even added seating.

Stand-alone Bathtub

If you're opting for the walk-in shower, you may choose to omit a bathtub altogether. However, a soak can be a relaxing treat after a long day or hard workout. You can choose to add a stand-alone tub to your bathroom design. Typically, stand-alone tubs come in the classic claw-foot style, shaped like a slipper for easy reclining or as a Japanese soaking tub, which allows for total submersion. Stand-alone tubs also make a striking architectural statement in your bathroom, especially if you set one up against a deliberate backdrop. This could be a window, an empty wall or even a living wall.

Radiant Floor Heating

Something you don't see can still be a worthy upgrade – radiant floor heating. Indeed, This Old House points out that its invisible profile makes it "the best heating system" for your space. With this kind of system, the heat comes from either hot water tubing or electrical wires buried in the floor. When turned on, heat radiates from the floor and even warms up the objects in the room. This is luxurious in a bathroom since you're usually barefoot – or bare all over. With radiant floor heating, you don't have any cold spots. As the site points out, electric radiant heating is more common for remodel jobs since it's easier to install.

Natural Stone Countertops

On the flip side, natural stone countertops are all about looks. You can choose classic granite, upscale marble or one of the less common stones, such as limestone or slate. Natural stone vanity tops fit most any décor style – it's simply a matter of matching the color. Such countertops are ideal if you want a showroom of a master bathroom. However, natural stone is also very durable and requires almost no maintenance, making it practical as well.

Choose the kind of bathing, heating and overall look you want for your master bathroom remodel when you consider possible upgrades. For assistance, talk to a professional like Two by Four Construction LLC.