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Tips For A Garden That Looks Beautiful In Winter

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Many homeowners think a garden is finished come winter. They rake the autumn leaves, winterize their lawn, and forget about outdoor beauty until spring. Yet patios have become more cold-friendly with the inclusion of fire pits and coverings. You should have a beautiful outdoor vista no matter the season. Plan a landscape that wows even in the cooler weather.

Plan for Winter Color

Naturally, most flowers prefer the warmer weather. Depending on where you live, though, some flowers bloom in cooler temperatures. If frost isn't a big issue, Better Homes and Gardens suggests pansies, violets, winter jasmine, winter honeysuckle, and calendula for winter gardens. Other blooms that survive cold temperatures include candytuft, English daisy, Iceland poppy, hellebores, and viola. If frost is a concern, consider planting a few of these blooms in containers that you set out during the warmer parts of the day.

Flowers aren't the only plants that can offer color. Think about hardy groundcover options such as heath, flowering cabbage, and ornamental kale. For shrubs, you can never go wrong with the Christmas favorite, holly. However, firethorn, chokeberry, and winterberry are attractive options as well.

Include Ornamental Trees

Planting the right trees is another way to ensure an attractive winter garden. Any evergreen is an obvious choice, though the Colorado blue spruce is especially attractive for adding color to the landscape. Many evergreen trees can even be planted in the fall.

A surprisingly lovely tree for every season is crab apple. The crab apple tree produces beautiful blooms in spring and lovely foliage in summer. Said foliage turns vibrant orange in the autumn. Its beauty doesn't end there, though, because the crab apple fruit ripens all fall. The pretty little apples can linger on the branches well into winter, making for a fetching backdrop in your yard.

Add Yard Accents

Of course, one of the more obvious methods for ensuring beauty in the winter is with yard accents. Water features, such as fountains and ponds, must be winterized if frost is a problem. However, most other yard accents can remain outside year-round. This especially includes any stone features, such as statues or follies, that may even take on new visual interest with a snow covering.

Many gardeners enjoy making mini gardens in wheelbarrows, rain barrels, or other charming containers. You have two options – wheeling the container garden inside when it gets cold or creating a winter landscape. For the latter, plant miniature versions of hardy evergreens. You could even make a habit of decorating your mini-scape for the different holidays.

Design landscaping that is beautiful even in the cold months. For more information, contact local professionals like Precision Landscape Contractors.