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4 Ways To Help Keep Your Aging Parent Safe When They Live Alone

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When your parent is elderly but still in good health, they probably prefer to stay on their own as long as possible instead of moving into an assisted living facility. While it's great for your aging parent to remain independent, it's also natural for you to worry about their safety. Luckily, there are things you can do to keep your aging parent safe when they live alone. Here are four tips:

Buy Security Shutters

Security shutters are a great investment for your parent's home. These heavy duty shutters are difficult to break into, making your parent's home much less vulnerable to burglary. They also provide your parent with complete privacy and don't allow strangers to see into the home and notice that your parent is alone at night or has valuables like a flat-screen TV. Burglars may be deterred by just the sight of security shutters on doors and windows, preferring an easier target. Contact a company like Nevada Rolling Shutter Inc. for info about your options.

Add a Doorbell Camera

Scammers, identity thieves, and criminals "casing" houses often ring the doorbell when someone is home alone in order to gain access to the house and information they can use in a crime. Installing a doorbell camera and showing your parent how to use it on their phone means they will be able to see exactly who is at the door and only open it for people they know and trust.

In addition, doorbell cameras include two-way intercoms for speaking to delivery people and workers, and will record video of anything suspicious that occurs, including package theft or vandalism.  

Add a Security System

Another important step in keeping your aging parent safe is to install a security system. Today's security systems can be monitored, armed, and disarmed remotely, and as long as your parent is comfortable with you having access, you will be able to log into the app and make sure your parent and their home are safe. Security systems can also be integrated with carbon monoxide and smoke detection as well as medical alert pendants, ensuring the authorities are notified immediately in the case of any emergency at your parent's home.

Prevent Injuries with Safety Additions

While break-ins and other crime are especially scary, another aspect of safety to keep in mind is injury prevention. If your parent's mobility or vision is becoming more limited, work with them to make safety additions around the home. These can include adding grab bars in the shower, adding nightlights throughout the home to prevent falls if your parent gets up in the night, clearing away clutter to make easily accessible pathways, and adding a stair lift if your parent's home has more than one story.

By following these tips, you will help ensure your aging parent's safety at home and gain peace of mind for both of you.