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Repairing Your Stationary Boat Dock: What To Expect When You Hire A Marine Construction Contractor

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There are two kinds of boat docks: stationary, which has posts firmly planted in the bed of the river or lake, and floating, which is only tied to shore and just bobs along with the waves. When you have a stationary dock, it needs frequent maintenance because the battering of the waves tends to wear down and warp out wood sections. When parts of your stationary dock get really bad, then you need to hire a marine construction contractor for repairs. Here is what you can expect.

The Assessment

The first thing a marine contractor will do is don a wetsuit and jump in the water to see how much damage is done to your dock. Between the batterings of the waves and the bleaching sun, wood posts and parts of the dock can begin to crack and splinter. The contractor will look for these issues first. Then he or she will look for more serious issues, such as splits in the post that reveal themselves every time weight or pressure is applied. These are dangerous enough to split off and cause the dock to pull away and float downstream or out into the lake. After the assessment is complete, the contractor will present you with an itemized list of recommended and/or necessary repairs.

The Repair Work

If your dock needs a complete replacement of one or more posts in order to remain anchored to the waterbed below, then the marine contractor will have a team suit up in wetsuits and begin building a retaining wall around each post. Once the walls are high enough, the water surrounding the posts is pumped out, exposing the waterbed and the post. Then the post is removed, and a new post is installed in its place. It may be anchored to the bottom of the lake or river by cement before it is attached to the dock itself. Once the cement has dried/cured, the retaining wall is removed and the crew moves on to the next post in need of repair.

Repairs to the actual dock are much quicker. Wood planks are sealed with a waterproof sealant and then they are used to replace any badly damaged dock planks. Metal hardware is attached last. If metal piping is used as a reinforcement brace, these reinforcements will be checked during repairs to make sure the banks of the river or lake have not worn away to the point where the braces are losing their grip.

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