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How To Replace Wooden Garage Panels

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The design of most wooden overhead garage doors is very simple. The door is constructed out of lightweight aluminum. Each aluminum section of the frame is manufactured to fit the wood panels. Basically, the panel pops easily in and out of the aluminum frame. Of course, each panel is individually secured to its frame with bolts. This means that you can change the style of your garage door easier than you might expect. All you have to do is basically remove the panels and attach the new ones. This article explains the process so you can decide if it is a project that you want to take on yourself or leave up to professional garage door installers.

Ordering Your New Panels

Even if you decide you are going to handle the installation by yourself, you will need to order your panels from the factory. Professional cabinet makers will probably tell you that it is easier to order factory replacement panels than to try and have them custom made. Make sure you take precise measurements of your panels, but also try to find out the actual model number of your garage door. This way you can find the exact replacement panels without having to do any guesswork. It is also very important that you consider the weight of your new panels. Some types of wood are heavier than others. If you install new panels that are too heavy for your existing motor, you will need to upgrade your garage door motor.

Installing the New Panels

Do not remove your old panels until your new panels have arrived and you have double checked to make sure they are the right product. Once you remove your panels, your garage will obviously not be secure. In fact, it is a good idea to do the replacement panel by panel. The garage will have to be closed while you do the work. You will definitely need a helper for the job. One person can be on the inside removing the bolts while the other pulls the panel out of the frame. Then, the worker on the outside can place the panel into the frame while the new bolts are put in place.

 Even though the panels are quite large, they're usually very lightweight and easy to handle. Two workers can easily handle this project in the matter of a day or two. Of course, it ultimately depends on the size of your garage door. For assistance, talk to a garage door service.