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Before Storing Your Tractor, Follow These Maintenance Tips

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Before you put your tractor into storage, you will want to make sure that your tractor is serviced so that it is in good working order when it comes time for you to start it up again. The best time to service your tractor is when you will place it in storage for longer than 60 days. You will also want to consider not storing your tractor outside. If you follow these maintenance tips, your tractor will last longer and will be ready to be put back to work.

Protecting The Tractor

If you are going to store your tractor outdoors, you should at least cover it. While tractors are designed for outdoors use, protecting it will still prolong its life. This will protect it from temperature extremes and moisture that can accelerate your tractor's corrosion. Choose a cover that allows the tractor to breathe and do not choose plastic since it can sweat and contribute to corrosion. Do not place a tarp over it because this will contribute to the moisture problem. But the best lace to store your tractor is in a storage facility.

Inspect the paint job, since this will help protect the tractor from corrosion. If necessary, cover the tractor with a sealant. If you wax your tractor before storing it outside, it will look better for longer despite any exposure to adverse weather conditions.

Preparing The Tractor For Storage

A great time to clean the tractor is before it is placed in storage. Tractors that are stored while they are still dirty will degrade over time. You can use a pressure washer to quickly clean the tractor, but make sure that the pressure washer is not too powerful. A pressure washer with greater than 1,000 PSI could potentially damage the tractor. It is now also a good time to inspect your tractor and to replace any parts that are damaged or outdated. That way, when you are ready to put your tractor to work, you won't have to wait for replacement parts to arrive.

Adding Enough Anti-Freeze

Make sure that you include the right amount of antifreeze based on the climate of the area where the tractor will be stored. Use an antifreeze tester to determine the freeze point. Make sure that your tractor is protected to the lowest expected freezing point. In addition to protecting your tractor from freezing, the antifreeze serves as a corrosion inhibitor that helps to prevent the tractor from rusting. The antifreeze also must be refreshed every three years. While tractors are more durable than many other machines, they still need some level of protection.

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