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Four Signs You Need To Replace Your Garage Door Opener

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If you seem to be having increased difficulty with your garage door opener, it might be time to upgrade. Here are four different signs that it is time to have it replaced.

1. The Door Makes a Lot of Noise When Opening

If you have an older garage door and opener, it is likely time for an upgrade. One reason for this is because the older garage doors use chain drive mechanisms that get rusty and worn over time. Even if you try using lubricating oil on the different metal mechanisms, it isn't always enough to fix the problem long-term. The chain drive mechanism looks similar to a bicycle chain and is near the motor unit. Find the chain and take a look to see its condition. If it looks worn out, it may be time to replace the entire garage door opener system.

2. There Isn't a Safety Reversal Feature

This is one of the many features that newer garage doors have. It is important to have additional safety against potential injuries involving children and pets. With the safety reversal feature, the door will attempt to close, but if an object (or child) is in the way, it moves right back up to open once again. Anything from a bicycle to a garage can or your family pet can get in the way of a garage door closing. The obstruction alerts the door to the obstruction and causes it to move in the opposite direction. If you don't have this feature, it is in your best interest to get a new system that has it.

3. Your garage doesn't have battery backup

Battery backup is another great feature to have and a good reason to upgrade your garage door opener. Battery backup helps you get the garage door opened or closed if the power goes out. If your power goes out while the garage door is wide open, it puts all of your belongings at risk. On the other hand, if you need to get in your home, but all you have is your garage door opener remote, it won't do you much good in a power outage. In both cases, you can use the battery backup to open or close the door.

4. You don't have a rolling code

This is a code used with the garage door opener remote to keep thieves from accessing your garage. Older garage door openers used a fixed code, so if a criminal accesses the code, they can open your garage door. However, if it has a rolling code, there is no way for them to duplicate it.

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