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Putting Up A Fence? Here's How To Prevent Arguments With Your Neighbors

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There are many reasons why you might want to put up a fence in your yard. You might want to ensure that there is a clear divide between your property and your neighbors', or you might just like the look of a fence. You might also be interested in putting in a safe and secure play area for your kids or your pets. Regardless of your reason for installing a fence, however, you might be worried about how your neighbors will react.

Some neighbors get upset about fences because they think that they are getting put on their property. Others don't like the idea of having to use a weed-eater around the fence on their side of the property instead of being able to cut the grass with a lawn mower. Some simply don't like the look of a fence. However, you shouldn't let these things get in the way of buying and installing the fence that you want.

Have a Chat With Your Neighbors

First of all, consider talking to your neighbors about your plans before you go through with it. You might be surprised; they might be surprisingly happy about the idea and might be interested in installing their own fence after your conversation. This will give you the opportunity to explain why you want a fence. Plus, you can talk to them about property line issues or any other problems that they might have with the idea.

Make Sure You're Following the Rules

Before you put up your fence, check with your homeowners association or your local building codes. Then you can ensure that you are building a fence that is up to code and that complies with the rules. This will help prevent future problems, such as your neighbor making complaints about you.

Ensure That You're On Your Property

It's easy to make a mistake and accidentally build your fence on your neighbor's property, even if it's only by a few inches. However, this can be enough to cause a big argument. Therefore, you might want to have a land surveyor such as Community Sciences Corporation come out so that you can determine exactly where your property ends. Then you won't accidentally put your fence where it shouldn't be.

Make it Attractive

When building your fence, try to make it as attractive as possible. Use attractive, good-quality building materials, and take your time to do the project right. If your fence looks great, your neighbors will probably be less likely to complain about it.

Installing a fence shouldn't have to cause a huge argument with your neighbors. If you follow these three steps, you can help keep the peace while installing the fence that you want.