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How To Replace The Precast Concrete Steps In A Mobile Home Park

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Winter can take a harsh toll on concrete steps that lead up to the doors on your mobile home. In time, freeze and thaw cycles can cause your steps to crumble until they become unsafe to walk on and you have to replace them.  Here is how you can replace your old steps on the outside of your mobile home with new precast concrete steps.

How to Remove Steps

Before you use any equipment, put on safety glasses to protect your eyes. Take a circular saw fitted with a concrete blade and cut deep grooves into the concrete. Then take a 1/2" drill bit and drill 3-4" holes spaced about 4" apart inside of the grooves. Use a hammer drill fitted with a chisel it to break up the concrete by placing the edge of the bit into a hole and drilling toward the edge of the steps. Clear all the pieces of concrete off of the concrete pad the steps were on--you will reuse the pad when you install the new steps.

How to Install Steps

You need to order the correct size steps. Measure from the top of the concrete pad to the lip of the door where the steps will be placed. You want the top step of the precast form to be as close to the bottom of the lip of the door as possible – this helps to prevent someone from tripping over the lip when they walk into your home. You also want the steps to extend a couple of feet past the spot where the door opens so you have space to open the door while standing on the steps.

The easiest thing to do is to have the store you bought the precast steps from deliver them to your location. Delivery trucks typically have smalls cranes on them that can lift the steps up and set them into the spot you want them to be. If the space isn't large enough for the truck to position itself so it can off-load the steps into place, you'll have to move the steps by hand. A good tool to use is a step handling bar. The bar has clamps that wrap around the edge of the step so two or more people can carry them to the pad. Make sure the back end of the precast steps is raised slightly higher than the front, so water and melting snow can drain off of them.

For professional help with this process, contact a company like Unit Step Company.