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Planning A Home Remodel? Don't Forget To Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

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If you've lived in your home for a considerable length of time, you're probably thinking about the idea of remodeling. You might be planning to add on some additional space or planning to redesign your home's layout to accommodate a more open floorplan. Whatever the reason, in addition to selecting flooring styles, light fixtures and paint colors, make certain you aren't overlooking your air conditioner. Any time you make major changes to your home, chances are that you also need to make some level of change to your air conditioner unit.

Increasing The Size Of Your Home

If you are planning to add square footage to your home, you need to seriously consider upgrading your unit. Depending on the design of your current system, your new system might be unequipped to handle the size demand of your remodeled home. When it comes to air conditioner units, square footage is one of the most important things to consider.

For example, say your current home is 2,500 square feet and your unit is sized accordingly. If you were to remodel your home and add an additional 500 square feet to its size, your current system might be inadequately sized. If you are planning to increase the size of your home, let an air conditioning professional review the blueprint so that they can offer you information as to whether or not you need to upgrade your unit and to what size.

Changing The Layout Of Your Home

Even if you aren't adding on to the size of your home, but simply changing the layout, you still need to consider your air conditioning system. More specifically, your duct work. For example, say you are remodeling your unfinished basement into a livable space, equipped with a bedroom and bathroom.

If the basement is unfinished, chances are when the air conditioner was installed, the ductwork was not designed to service this area. If you overlook this factor, you will have a finished basement that doesn't have access to air from your air conditioner unit. If you're changing the layout of your home, you need to ensure that you are also adjusting the design of your ductwork. This won't just accommodate the new design, but also keep the space comfortable.

If you fail to make the required changes or upgrades to your system, you might find that your air conditioner is no longer efficiently cooling your home. Talk with a professional at a company like Certified Appliance to make sure you are making the required changes to keep your home cool and comfortable.