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Adding An Entertainment Room To Your House Is A Great Idea

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While it's fun to go to a theater to watch movies, there is also a lot to be said about watching classics and even recently released movies in your own home. Besides the sweet feeling of being at home and cozying up with pop corn and other favorite treats, you will also be saving money. If you are not willing to give up your family room or your living room, you might be considering adding an entertainment room. 

Start With A Family Plan - Since this is a room that will be used by your entire family, it would be a great idea to involve them in the planning. Are additional funds needed to make the room extra special? If so, consider having a huge yard sale and let the kids help you with the entire project. Are the kids willing to take a reduction in their allowance? Any way they can make a personal contribution will probably mean that they'll appreciate the new room later on. They'll think of it as their room and they will respect it by taking good care of it.

Find The Right Contractor - Talk to several contractors from companies like McHenry County Custom Builders, Inc. before you make your final decision.

  • It may be hard to actually enter somebody's personal living space to see what the contractor has done, but it will be smart to ask for a portfolio of pictures that show additions the contractor has completed in the past.
  • Be sure that you communicate well with the contractor. Ask a lot of questions. Find out when the job can be started and what the end date will be. What are the contractor's credentials? What are the skills of workers that will be working on the project? What are the guarantees? What materials will be used? Get important matters in writing, including the total price of the project. Look for hidden costs and find out if there will be an additional bill for the final clean up.

Bring Your Own Ideas To The Table - Study decorating books and magazines and have a clear picture of what you want. If you want the room close to the kitchen, consider adding French doors to divide the two rooms. That means that you'll have double the space while entertaining. If you have to build the addition as a second story, consider having a separate entrance which with a lovely entry way. Later on you might use that as an apartment. Be sure that there is a way to include plumbing when a bathroom is part of the addition.

Good luck in planning the addition to your home.