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Considering A Sunroom? Use These Warm Touches

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If you're considering adding a sun porch to the exterior of your home but you want it to feel like it's added space inside the home, there are some great tricks you can use. Instead of making it feel like an outdoor space, you can make it feel like an inside room.

Many people are able to use a sun room year round, even in colder climates. When you have a sun room contractor come to your home to give you an estimate for the type of space you want, ask them about the following details that will make the room homey and enjoyable throughout the year.

French Doors

Instead of doing a sliding glass door into the sun porch or patio area, do French patio doors. These can open up on both sides into the space, allowing natural light to flood into the home. When the doors are open, it will be like an entry way into another room of your house, instead of like an exterior space you have to get to. There are many designs and styles for French doors that are going to be full of windows to keep light passing through when the porch is closed off.


Get indoor outdoor carpeting that looks similar to the carpeting you already have throughout your home. This is going to be plush and soft and enjoyable, and people will feel comfortable in the space, instead of like they are standing or sitting on a hard patio floor. The indoor outdoor carpeting is easy to clean and affordable, and comes in a lot of color and texture varieties.


Not all homeowners decide to have electricity in their sun room, because they don't want to pay an electrician to do the work, or for the components. Electricity makes it easy to provide lighting in the space at night, you can easily have a television set up out there, and it makes it easy to plug in a heater during the colder months to heat the space.

Adding a sunroom is going to add a lot of value to your home, especially if it's a space that someone can use like a family room or sitting room throughout the year. Talk with the professional contractors to find out how you can make the space functional and great, and make sure you use high quality insulation throughout the walls. Get multiple quotes and compare costs.