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Garage Doors 101: The Noises Your Garage Door Makes And What They Could Indicate

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Any homeowner will tell you that a rickety, noisy garage door is one of those home maintenance issues that can make you crazy. The garage door is meant to be a functional entryway for your vehicle, but if grumbles and whines every time you hit the button on your garage door, it is likely you would rather just park in the drive. What you may not know is that if your garage door is making a lot of fuss, there is a pretty good chance it is trying to tell you something.

The key to understanding the lingo is to understand common garage door repair issues and their ugly symptoms:

Screeching Squeals

If the high-pitched squeaks and squeals radiate from your garage door when it is in motion, it is without question you will be trying to block your ears. But before you decide that you will just quit using the door altogether, there are a few things you should take a look at. The garage door operates on a track that allows metal wheels to roll the door up and down as needed.

If the wheels are even slightly off kilter, you will hear a terrible screeching. You should also make sure that there is no rust keeping the wheels from rolling as they should and give the moving parts a good shot of lubrication.

Grumbling Growls

When you try to get your garage door to open and fusses and grumbles like an old person trying to make it out of bed in the morning. The grumbling and grinding you hear is likely radiating from the garage door opener. The crankshaft of the opener moves a chain or belt along the drive belt force the door to move. If the crankshaft is worn, it would cause a deep growling sound that is hard to miss.

Popping Bangs

This is typically an issue with garage doors that have been around for a while. When your door is moved it sounds a lot like it is just going to fall apart. This can be related to the tensioning springs and cables if they are loose or disconnected, misaligned hinges that have slipped out of place, and other hardware connections that are not firmly attached and allow too much movement.

When you start to study the language of the average garage door, you will be able to understand communication and know what you need to do. If your outspoken garage door is causing you a headache, make sure you learn what it is trying to tell you and contact a garage door repair professional for help if you need to.

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