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Tips For Figuring Out If There Is Something Wrong With Your Home Septic Tank

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As a homeowner with a septic tank, it is important to make sure that you are well aware of some of the more common signs that there could be something wrong with the tank or entire system. This way, you will have an easier time ensuring that the problem is corrected in a timely manner.

Start expanding your knowledge on septic tank problems by checking out the following tips:

All Drains In The House Smell

The occasional smell coming from a single drain is not really much cause for concern. This is especially true for the kitchen sink drain. After all, no matter how hard you might try, you might find that the smallest amounts of food still find their way into the drain where they will rot and start to stink.

However, should you start to find an unpleasant odor coming from all of the drains in your home, you might have a septic tank issue. This is generally a clear sign that there is a clog in the line somewhere or that it is extra full.

Waste and waste water could very well be making its way back up the drain lines and will eventually come back into your home.

The Yard Is Spongy In Spots

Even if the yard is nice and dry directly above the septic tank, if it is spongy anywhere near the drain lines, you might have a serious issue on your hands. The problem might be that the line has cracked or completely split, which is causing waste and waste water to enter the soil.

A little leak in the lines will not be as noticeable. Therefore, if you are finding that the yard is completely drenched in certain areas, it is most likely because your septic system is expelling a large amount of toxins into your yard.

The Toilet Won't Flush Right

While there might be things that can go wrong with the toilet itself, a problem with flushing could be a sign of a septic problem. If replacing the innards of the toilet tank does not do the trick, you need to consider calling a septic system professional to examine the situation.

This is the best and quickest way to make sure that you are getting the best possible help so that the toilet will begin to get the proper suction back for forceful flushing.

So, if you happen to notice any of the previous mentioned problems, you should consider it as a tip that there is something wrong with the septic system. Call a professional so you can have the issue properly diagnosed and repaired in no time at all. To learn more, contact a company like AAA Septic Tank Service with any questions you have.