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How Technology Connects You To Both Your Auto Insurance Company And Windshield Repair Experts

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Smartphones and tablets now have the ability to connect you to both your car insurance provider and a windshield repair expert in under ten minutes. Within a half hour of connecting to both of these businesses, you can replace your windshield and not pay a penny. Here is how that works.

Use Your Insurance Provider's App to File a Claim

The first step in this two-step process is to connect to your car insurance provider through the company app. Click on "file a claim," and remember to take a picture of your damaged windshield. Submit it when the mobile form is complete. Some insurance providers will email you back with a list of approved windshield repair businesses. These businesses also have their own mobile sites and apps through which you can get replacement and repair quotes and request immediate service.

Select an Approved Windshield Repair Technician Via a Mobile App

Next, access the app that will take you to a pre-approved windshield technician. If your insurance company is not particular about who you work with, you can find one, such as Mr Go-Glass, quickly enough on your own by perusing the app store on your mobile device. Use the same photo you gave the insurance company to send to the windshield technician. Then you can get a repair or replacement quote and find out how soon the technician can meet you and your car.

While You Wait for the Technician

Contact your insurance agent again. Let him or her know what business is repairing or replacing your windshield and what the cost will be. So long as you do not have a large deductible, the insurance company will mail you a check for the repairs for the cost quoted by the technician. If your insurance agent is going to require a picture of the receipt and another of the repaired windshield, wait until the technician has arrived and completed the job.

Post-Repair Business

After your windshield is ready to go and you have done all you can do online, you can use the same apps and tools to check on the status of your insurance claim and the check. Everything you did up to this point, short of the physical labor of the technician, you were able to complete in less than ten to fifteen minutes, give or take five minutes. Even checking the status of your claim check takes only a few minutes. Technology has just helped you complete a major task in minor time.