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Three Tips To Prevent Cracks From Developing In Your Frameless Shower Doors

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There's nothing wrong with wanting frameless shower doors in order to add style to your shower and bathroom as a whole. In fact, replacing old shower doors with frameless ones is often a very good long term investment that will significantly increase your home's resale value. Just make sure that you follow these three tips in order to guard against your shower doors cracking.

Avoid Putting Anything That Can Tip Over Near Your Doors

Decorations like natural or artificial potted plants are a great addition to your bathroom that will go well with your new shower doors. But if you're careless with positioning your pots and they accidentally fall over due to a misstep, the resulting force could be enough to dislodge, crack, or even shatter one of your glass doors. Don't think that an object can't cause damage just because it isn't made of something hard like metal.

Always keep in mind how likely an object is to fall over before placing it anywhere near your shower doors. Even if you don't think that you'll ever make a misstep, a wet and humid environment has a habit of making everyone clumsier.

Regularly Clear The Rail Under Your Shower Doors Of Debris

Most frameless shower doors operate with the help of a metal rail on the ground that only lets the doors open in one direction. If this rail is overly clogged with debris, it could cause your doors to become stuck in one position. The force that will be required to push the doors unstuck again might very well cause a crack.

Clean the metal rail below your shower doors at least as often as you clean the doors themselves. Instead of using a flimsy paper towel or wash cloth, use the same heavier towel that you use to dry yourself off after a shower.

Ensure That Your Toilet Is Functioning Properly

If your shower doors aren't on a platform that's of a higher elevation than the rest of your bathroom floor, the possibility of flooding from a clogged toilet poses a significant problem. This is because flooded shower door rails often cause the glass above them to warp and crack.

Whenever you notice that your toilet isn't flushing everything down consistently, investigate the issue immediately. Putting off a toilet problem for later could lead to a sudden uncontrollable flood the next time you have to flush something down.

While frameless glass shower doors are a great thing to have, you need to be aware of their inherent risks and challenges. Only by taking active steps to prevent future problems will the doors be worth the installation cost.