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Having A New Asphalt Driveway Installed? Follow These Tips To Keep Kids Safe

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A new asphalt driveway is a joy to drive down. Free of lumps and bumps, it's easy on your tires and simple to keep swept free of debris and fallen leaves. The process of having an asphalt driveway installed only takes a few days, and is pretty simple from your perspective. The construction team (such as Armour Pavement Inc) will do all of the work! However, there are a few precautions you should take during and after installation in order to keep your kids (and yourself) safe.

Lock doors that lead directly to the driveway.

If you have a back or side door that leads to the driveway or a path that promptly connects to it, lock this door for the duration of the installation. You may even want to put a heavy piece of furniture in front of it so that the kids don't accidentally head out that door and into the fresh asphalt.

Make sure window air conditioner units on the driveway side of your home are off.

Asphalt does release dangerous fumes that can lead to headaches, skin rashes and throat irritation, among other symptoms. Keep the windows on the driveway side of your home closed during installation to keep the levels of these fumes inside your home to a minimum. If you have window air conditioning units, move them to the other side of your home, or do without them during the installation. They will just suck the fumes inside. Schedule your installation for a cooler day, so you don't have to roast without air conditioning in the heat of summer.

Get into the habit of always wearing shoes outdoors.

If you previously had a gravel or concrete driveway, your kids may think nothing of tip-toeing outside in their bare feet. This habit may prove dangerous when the hot sun beats down on a black asphalt driveway, which absorbs more heat than concrete or stone. Store your kids shoes y the door, and make sure they know never to go out onto the driveway without them. Explain to them that the asphalt is hot and may burn their feet.

If your kids are middle school age or older, keeping them safe during driveway installation may be as simple as telling them to stay away from the asphalt and not to open their windows until you tell them it is safe. Keep in mind, however, that hot asphalt is a sight many children have not seen before. Their natural curiosity may cause them to get closer to the hot, fuming material than is safe. Keep a close eye on them until the driveway is completely dry and cured.