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Do You Want A Durable Concrete Driveway? Learn About Using Air-Entrained Concrete

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A well-constructed driveway requires using the right kind of concrete that can last for a long time. The key to preventing your driveway from undergoing premature scaling is to invest in concrete that is air-entrained. Although concrete will naturally scale with time from normal wear and tear, you can keep it nice longer with the right kind of care.

Why is Air-Entrained Concrete Good for a Durable Concrete Driveway?

Using air-entrained concrete is ideal for constructing a driveway that can withstand freezing weather conditions. The bad thing about freezing weather for concrete is that it creates a lot of pressure under the surface as it thaws out. The pressure is too strong for the aggregate materials (rocks, gravel) used to finish the surface. As a result of the pressure, the aggregates begin to scale and give your driveway an unpleasant look.

The key to air-entrained concrete keeping a concrete driveway durable are the air pockets in it. Throughout the concrete are tiny air cells that allow water from thawing ice to escape into, rather than pushing against the aggregate materials and causing scaling. The water evaporates out of the air cells with time.

How Should an Air-Entrained Concrete Driveway be Taken Care Of?

It does not take much to take care of an air-entrained concrete driveway if you keep certain chemicals off of the surface. Chemicals like calcium chloride that are found in deicing products used for frozen pavement should be avoided at all costs. Calcium chloride is detrimental to your driveway because the aggregate materials can quickly scale after making contact with it.

If you must do something for safety when your driveway is frozen, pour sand on the surface as an alternative to deicing products. Using sand on the concrete is helpful, but don't leave it on the surface for a long time. You must use a garden hose to remove the sand when it is no longer needed, as the concrete can become stained if you don't. A stained concrete driveway can take away from the beauty of the exterior of your home.

There's nothing worse than getting a concrete driveway constructed and having to spend money on repairs shortly after. Stay away from products containing calcium chloride that can harm the aggregate materials and damage the surface. Make sure your driveway is constructed the right way from the beginning by investing in air-entrained concrete that can prevent scaling! Talk to a company like Interstate Paving LLC to learn about more options for your driveway.