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Care For Your Septic System The Proper Way

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Your septic system is responsible for storing household waste. Keep this system intact by caring for it the proper way. By doing so, you will minimize the risk of damage and be able to reduce the amount of times that you need to have professional services performed. Read some helpful tips to learn how to properly care for this system.

Prevent The Wrong Items From Going Down The Drain

Always be mindful of what you are allowing down the drain. Chemicals, solid substances, paint, grease, and paper towels can clog up your septic system, causing water to back up inside of your house. This could result in you having to hire professional help from a company like Roto-Rooter to control the problem.

If a hard item accidentally goes down the drain and you are aware of it, you can attempt to retrieve it by removing the P-trap underneath the sink. This piece of plumbing is bent at a unique angle and is responsible for stopping sewer gases from entering your home. It can be removed by loosening the nuts with a wrench. Once the pipe is pulled down, you can remove the object that is found in the bottom of the pipe and reattach it. 

Care For The Property That Covers Your Septic System

Your septic tank and the pipes that lead to your home are located under your lawn. Be aware of where these items lay by asking a plumber the next time that your tank is pumped. Never plant shrubs, trees, or flowers close to the tank or pipes. The roots from these objects can grow deeply, causing blockages in the pipes that are part of your septic system. Never drive or place heavy machinery over the septic system. This could cause damage that could result in leaks.

Be Wary Of Existing Problems

Schedule regular maintenance appointments so that your septic system stays in order. During these appointments, a measurement will be taken that will give the plumber an idea of how full your septic tank is. If you ever notice that water is backing up in a sink or tub, attempt to correct the problem with a plunger or drain opener. If this does not resolve it, call for professional help so that you do not accidentally damage any parts of your plumbing.

If the water that is backing up occurs right after an extensive amount of rainfall, it is a sign that the flooding in your yard is to blame. Do not flush your toilets or use water in your home until you have had the problem looked at. By handling plumbing situations that proper way, serious problems will be eliminated and your plumbing will be back in order in a short amount of time.